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A year ago, the whole world said “I am Charlie”. That tragic event reminds us that the right to Life and the right to Freedom of Speech are precious gifts.

On January 15th 2016, after he landed in Brazzaville, Modeste Boukadia was welcomed by 1900 soldiers with armed vehicles and driven to Pointe Noire detention centre. His sentence: 30 years forced labour for expressing a political opinion.


Modeste Boukadia, a Congolese democrat

Modeste Boukadia is President of political party CDRC, which stands for Circle of the Democrats and Republicans of Congo.
Modeste Boukadia and his companions want to build together the future of Congo, a future where you can work with the assurance that Freedom and Justice are guaranteed. They follow the footsteps of the founding fathers of the Republic of Congo: Mr. Fulbert Youlou, Jacques Opangault and Felix Tchicaya.

Democracy in Congo wiped out by Coup and genocide

Modeste Boukadia was candidate to the 1997 presidential elections. But General Sassou’s coup d’état and the martial law he implemented wiped away Democracy for 5 years. 5 years which saw a genocide being committed in Congo (750.000 people missing).

Africa has paid a heavy price for Rwanda, and hoped it will not happen again. Unfortunately, Congo joined this macabre and shameful list. And yet Mrs. Simone Weil, talking about the Holocaust, made the vain wish mankind will never live this again…

The 2009 Presidential elections were tarnished with irregularities. Modeste Boukadia and the members of CDRC called for a boycott of the elections. His call was followed by the population as international observers noticed a tiny 10% turnout for the presidential elections. This fact underlined the very little legitimacy of the ex-putschist Sassou Nguesso.

The arrest and condemnation of CDRC members

cdrc-29juin 2013In 2013, after being granted the necessary authorizations, Modeste Boukadia organized 2 meetings, one in Brazzaville, the other one at Pointe Noire. The slogan he used was “Build the Future Together“, and he requested the formation of a national-unity government. Following his request, 28 members of the CDRC were arrested, kidnapped in their own homes. Modeste Boukadia managed to escape the raid. Respectful of the Rule of Law and Democracy, he used democratic ways to raise the awareness of International Institutions, Heads of State, and Ambassadors, and presented to them the memorandum of “South Congo State, a solution inspired by Czechoslovakia split to prevent further ethnic cleansing in Congo and put an end to tribalism.

In April 2014, 14 of his companions are sentenced of 2 to 7 years’ prison, for acts against the security of the State. Modeste Boukadia was sentenced to 30 years of forced labour, in absentia. In absentia judgment does not exist in the Congolese Criminal Procedure Code… and forced labour even less!
That decision was denounced by the United Nations Human Rights Commission in November 2014, I in its session of 17–21 November 2014 (Decision No. 44/2014).


Modeste Boukadia bets on the youth. He wants to restore their dignity through work, freedom and equality for all. Africa, despite her pain and tears, is the future for her children. It is also the economic hub of the World. A world in turmoil where blood and death are daily.

What about the 750 000 Congolese victims of the genocide (ignored)?

Have the media stopped playing their role as a political counterpower? Aren’t they anymore able to denounce injustice like Emile Zola did in his famous “J’Accuse…!” – this article condemning the unjust treatment of Alfred Dreyfus? Isn’t the “Boukadia Case” the 2016 version of the “Dreyfus Case”?

Let us remember the Congo helped save France during the Second World War, when General de Gaulle transferred the capital of France in Brazzaville, capital of Free France.

To enable Africa enter the 21st century with dignity, to prevent young Africans from sharing the fate of Syrian migrants:

Free Modeste Boukadia, his companions, release all political prisoners, and they will free the Congo.

Free them now!

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