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Breaking News – Attempted murder against Modeste BOUKADIA in Congo-Brazzaville

The Congolese newspaper Emmanuel, in his issue 239 published Tuesday, November 22, 2016, page 5, alerted the international opinion with its  alarming tittle: Attempted murder of Modeste BOUKADIA in Pointe-Noire. The Consulate of France intervened and a complaint was filed in Paris in France. The Director of the Pointe-Noire prison [named Pierre Pongui] defended himself explaining he followed the orders of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. MABIALA, [who is in charge of monitoring state prisons]

A bit of context

Mr Modeste Boukadia is a political prisoner in the Republic of Congo. Jailed in January 2016 for having voiced his opinion he never faced a trial during his 11 months long detention.  14 other members of his party were jailed in August 2013 and faced trial 6 months later in 2014. The UN Working Groups on Arbitrary Detentions condemned the arrest as politically motivated and ordered the release of these political prisoners. The Republic of Congo has so far refused to free these political prisoners. Some were condemned to 2 years’ prison sentence but are still held in jail, although their prison sentence has been served. Continue reading Breaking News – Attempted murder against Modeste BOUKADIA in Congo-Brazzaville

Freedom, I write your name

A year ago, the whole world said “I am Charlie”. That tragic event reminds us that the right to Life and the right to Freedom of Speech are precious gifts.

On January 15th 2016, after he landed in Brazzaville, Modeste Boukadia was welcomed by 1900 soldiers with armed vehicles and driven to Pointe Noire detention centre. His sentence: 30 years forced labour for expressing a political opinion.


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