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The purpose of our campaign #FreeBOUKADIA is to raise awareness about the illegal arrest of Modeste Boukadia, a political leader and human rights activist in Congo Brazzaville

The illegal arrest of Modeste Boukadia and party members

On 15th January 2016, Modeste Boukadia was arrested in Congo Brazaville by an impressive armada of 1500 soldiers with armed vehicles for one unarmed man. He was sent to prison without seeing a judge.

The official reason for his arrest is a sentence to 30 years forced labour for asking a change in government and for asking for the creation of National Unity in Congo. Him and 20 members of his party were condemned.

The sentence was pronounced in absentia in 2014 but in novemver the same year, the United Nation Human Rights commission condemned the arrest and requested the reversal of the lawsuit.

Why does it matter for Africa and Global Good Governance

We believe that such behaviour from the Congolese state is very symptomatic of what prevents Africa from rising to a global level in terms of good governance.

The liberation of Nelson Mandela was a symbol of freedom for the South African People. We believe also that the liberation of Modeste Boukadia is a symbol for change in Africa, a milestone for the triumph of good governance.

Make the African Charter for Democracy triumph

Through this movement :
– We seek to obtain not just his liberation but also the liberation of all political prisoners in Congo.
– We want to see the triumph of the African Charter for Democracy.
– we seal in marble that leaders are accountable to a justice that serve the People